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Low Vision Aids

Subnormal or low vision can be due to several different eye problems with glaucoma and macular degeneration being the most common. During this evaluation you will be asked about your reading, computer and television viewing habits. Vision aid testing is done with normal reading material such as a phonebook, magazine and large print magazine. Distance viewing is tested with normal eye charts. If you have specific vision requirements, such as music, it is advisable to bring that material with you for the exam.

Our goal at McCabe Vision Center is to improve your vision, so that life is easier and more enjoyable. You will be a participant in this type of exam, explaining to the doctor how it looks to you. There are many options and you will use several to see if they can help you.

Many of our lighted magnifiers have a special LED bulb that can last up to 27 years! These instruments are battery operated and use regular batteries to make installation easy and cost efficient.

McCabe Vision Center only uses the highest quality precision vision aides during this examination. Most of these units have an internal light source and use regular batteries. These are portable, hand-held units that can be taken with you when you go to a restaurant, church or a family gathering.

McCabe Vision Center offers help with Low Vision
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