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Optic Nerve Formula


  • Targeted support for optic nerve health.
  • Delivers eye-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and key antioxidants including alpha-lipoic acid, vitamins C and E, and n-acetyl cysteine.
  • Provides Ginkgo biloba to support ocular blood flow, as well as select B vitamins, magnesium, taurine, and flavonoids to promote normal vascular function.
  • Made from premium ingredients and manufactured according to the highest quality standards.
    Recommended dose: four softgels daily (two softgels, taken twice daily).


What is Optic Nerve Formula?

Optic Nerve Formula is a specialized oral formulation designed to help protect the optic nerve. It provides targeted support in four softgels daily.

What Does This Formula Target?

Optic Nerve Formula delivers nutrients that help:

  • Quench free radicals
  • Enhance ocular circulation
  • Promote normal vascular function.
  • Inhibit compounds that damage nerve cells
Who Might Benefit from Optic Nerve Formula?

The health of the optic nerve can be compromised in many conditions, such as ischemic neuropathies and glaucoma. Optic Nerve Formula augments ocular defenses during oxidative stress, and provides nutritional support for:

  • Those with optic nerve disorders
  • Those wanting to help protect optic nerve health
Can This Formula Be Used by Those with Elevated or Normal IOP?

Optic Nerve Formula can be appropriately used when intra-ocular pressure (IOP) is elevated as well as when IOP falls within the normal range. Glaucoma is now viewed as a neurodegenerative disease that occurs over a wide range of IOP. Oxidative stress plays a role in damage to neurons and cells in the trabecular meshwork, and ocular defenses may be compromised in glaucoma. Since glaucoma can progress despite treatment, Optic Nerve Formula can complement IOP lowering treatments for those with elevated or normal IOP.

Are There Any Cautionary Notes?

The ingredient Ginkgo biloba may affect platelet aggregation. Thus, the use of Optic Nerve Formula along with anti-coagulation or anti-platelet medications could raise the risk of increased bleeding. This can be monitored by occasionally measuring Pro-thrombin Time and International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR) to evaluate the ability of the blood to clot properly. The formula is not intended for pregnant or lactating women. Individuals with an existing medical condition should consult their physician before using.

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