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TECNIS (Standard) IOL

TECNIS (Standard) Lens Experts

16_Lens_InsertionSharper vision means SAFER vision in!

One of the most important benefits of improved functional vision with the TECNIS® Lens is safety. With compromised functional vision, even patients who have no problem reading the letters on an eye chart can be at a serious disadvantage in low-light situations because they have reduced contrast sensitivity.

The TECNIS® Lens is the only wavefront-designed lens with FDA-approved claims for improved functional vision and improved night-driving simulator performance. Good functional vision is especially important when driving at night. Based on night-driving simulator results in a controlled clinical study, the TECNIS® Lens provided improved visibility that may allow for quicker reaction time, which is likely to provide a meaningful safety benefit to elderly drivers.(2) The improvement in functional vision may also improve safety in other low-visibility situations.(4)